What is an SEO Consultant?

An SEO consultant is someone who specialises in putting your brand in front of the eyes of the people who are searching for your product or service. From ranking better in search, to creating engaging content that entertains and converts, an SEO expert does it all. A good SEO stratgey alone can grow a business by 5-15% month on month, year on year.

How do you price your SEO services?

SEO is quite a simple discipline – it is a matter of investing hours of research and manual updates to your website. As an example, good quality keyword research (the foundation for all your content) can take from 4 – 10 hours depending on the size of your site.

No two businesses are the same. An SEO strategy should be created for your business instead of a one-size package price. On understanding your business goals, industry and local competition – I will create a campaign that will deliver you results. 

 I offer monthly SEO services focused on improving presence in search results, increasing relevant visitors to your website and growing your business revenue.

Why does pricing vary across the industry?

Like any industry, pricing and experience vary for SEO services. A number of my clients have previously chosen cheap SEO or even offshored SEO service through a freelance platform, resulting in a mess. More money in the long run to clean things up.  

For high-quality professional SEO services that deliver results, prices vary from $500 to $6000 per month within Australia. 

What makes you different to the other SEO Consultants in Sydney?

I’m a freelance SEO consultant, which means I have the flexibility to create an SEO strategy that works for each business. That way you pay for exactly what you need, and nothing more. Plus I don’t just work in Sydney, I connect with businesses all over Australia.

How will you improve my Google rankings?

I start with a comprehensive once-off website audit to create the best SEO plan going forward. I will categorise each finding by priority, outline why I am making such suggestions and pull it all together into an action plan. Once I have a picture of the technical make-up of your site, I will set about fixing the elements that aren’t optimised or may be holding back your site’s performance in organic search.

What type of SEO work do you do?

SEO is a long term strategy. The first stage of an SEO campaign begins with a comprehensive site audit to identify areas for improvement, keyword research to identify target keywords and a complete review of the competition. Part two covers On-Page SEO, moving into improving the technical elements of the site, content optimisation and things that might be affecting user experience. Timeframe depends on the size of the site and industry competition. Part three moves into Off-Page SEO, including strategies to improve the quantity and quality of backlinks and content marketing.

Can you guarantee that our site will rank #1 for specific keywords?

A good SEO consultant will increase your search traffic consistently over time, they can’t guarantee specific keyword rankings. No one can guarantee #1 rankings every single time—especially not in any specific time period. Google Is consistently changing their ranking algorithms which affect where you rank. I don’t only focus on improving your rankings and increasing traffic. I care about connecting your business with new customers, improving your conversion and growing your business revenue.

Which website measures do you track?

The goal of every business is conversion along with understanding your return on investment for SEO. Your website is the means to generate these outcomes. To understand your website performance, my reporting will cover conversions, website traffic, new visitors, visitor engagement (bounce rate, time on page, number of pages per visit etc) and keyword rankings.

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