Google Ads Campaigns

Marketing Using Google Ads

Google Ads can target customers searching for key terms with the intent to purchase your services. Driving immediate traffic to get faster results. Here’s how I can your business with a Google Ads (previously Adwords) campaign.


Google Ads Audit

Are you running Google Ads and not sure if its working? My services start with a one-off comprehensive audit that drills down into your current campaign structure, keywords and ad text to understand what can be optimised. By highlighting areas for improvement, I can help transform your ad results.   

Campaign Set Up & Execution

Enjoy the peace of mind that only comes from a professionally created and executed plan. Launching a high-conversion campaign that will take your business in an exciting new direction has never been easier.

Conversion Tracking

Running a Google Ad is the easy part, the skill lies in knowing how to understand the results and react accordingly. With accurate conversion tracking you’ll understand exactly what you get from every ad and see precisely how effective each approach is.

Website Optimisation & Landing Pages

Your Google Ads are there to redirect people to the rest of your website content, so it is crucial to direct a potential customer to a well-constructed landing page. Improved user experience, well-crafted website, conversion focused layouts to deliver real business revenue.  

Campaign Optimisation

An approach that worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. To ensure you’re never left behind I offer campaign optimisation services that allow your Google Ads to constantly adapt to the changing needs of your audience.

Google Ads Reporting

Understanding where your ad budget goes and how it’s working for you is essential if you want to grow your business the smart way. With transparent reporting that shows where every dollar went, you’ll be able to make the informed decisions.


Are you struggling with a website that just isn’t generating anywhere near enough leads? Or have you been burnt huge Ad spend with no return? When you want to get the most out of your Google Ad spend, you need a digital marketing consultant you can trust.

I hear these types of worries and concerns every single day. As an experienced digital marketer, I know exactly what it takes to build a successful pay per click (PPC) marketing campaign that will deliver real business revenue.

Google gets 63,000 searches every second of every day. Are you getting your share? I can help you.

A simple, honest and transparent approach that puts your business in the spotlight like never before. I can offer a range of services that make growing your business as easy as clicking a button.


What are you waiting for? Grow your revenue today. 

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